20 Top Mountain Bikes in UAE 2022

20 Top Mountain Bikes in UAE 2022

In the UAE, more and more people are added to the population of bicyclists. According to a survey by The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre (FCSC), 20% more people became part of the cycling community during the pandemic. Furthermore, the survey shows that 59.9% of bikers own road bikes, while 7.9% have mountain bikes.

Geometry, material, speed, suspension, and value for money are just a few primary considerations for choosing a bike. If you are a beginner, you must research how to choose the right bike for you before investing in it.

Checking out the top 20 mountain bikes is like finding a needle in a haystack. Over 200 bike brands worldwide and others on the market today are not on the list. Some competitive brands in the market today are coming from Asia, like LA and Insera Sena, which level the competition in terms of price.

We did our best to name a few in this article to help you choose the right bike if you are planning to get one.

Here is a list of 20 top mountain bikes in the UAE

*in no particular order

Top Fuel 8 by TREK
image credit: trekbikes.com

Top Fuel 8 by TREK  (Intermediate to Pro)

TREK has been a popular choice for many cyclists all over the globe. It is because of its quality that is widely known to bike enthusiasts in the UAE. It has been in the bike industry since 1976.

Top Fuel 8 is a 29er mountain bike dubbed the 2022 Bike of the Year by Tom Marvin, Technical Editor at BikeRadar.com and MBUK magazine, and has over 20 years of mountain biking experience (to add credibility to this statement). Its core is always to build simple, elegant, and durable machines. The company has over 100 models, including the Fuel Ex, Remedy, Slash, and Marlin series, from a few models like Marlin and Mamba.

This bike won the Enduro Mountainbike Magazine’s Best in Test award in March 2022. It has the speed of a cross-country with a trail bike’s capabilities. Its fast, acrobatic movement will not let you miss out on the fun on the rugged trail with its 120-millimeter RockShox Recon fork and the shock system that is tuned by Trek Suspension lab.

Moreover, its frame is made of Alpha Platinum Aluminum which can be adjusted on the go thanks to Mino Link, a removable Knock Block 2.0 which protects the cables and the top tube, and Control Freak internal routing with a downtube guard. This makes it perfect for an adventure trail ride.

Scalpel Carbon SE 1 by Cannondale
image credit: cannondale.com

Scalpel Carbon SE 1 by Cannondale (Intermediate)

This old and expensive line of multi-type bikes is known for its aluminum hybrid bikes which its loyal customers have patronized for their suitability for short travels, recreational biking, or exercise since 1983.

Nevertheless, they have offered many market choices, including mountain bikes. Hence, regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate, professional road biker, trail, or tour biker, there should be one that would surely fit your definition of an ideal bike. 

If you are a middle-level trail biker willing to break the bank a little bit in exchange for a high-end suspension system that would give you a better grip, more control, and faster pacing for a sure-win race, then this might be the right bike for you.

One great example is the Scalpel Carbon SE 1. Its frame material is created from Carbon with 29er wheels and a RockShox suspension system comprising RockShox SID Select with RL 120 millimeter, RockShox SIDLuxe Select 120 millimeter.

Moreover, the drivetrain is forged by no less than Shimano XT mechanism with 10-51 cassette with Shimano SLX chain.  They also have available models for beginners called the Habit 4. 

Rockrider Mountain Bike ST 530 by DECATHLON
image credit: decathlon.ae

Rockrider Mountain Bike ST 530 by DECATHLON (Beginner to Intermediate)

This 45-year-old company’s philosophy is to “sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many.” They have been dedicated to living by this statement. 

They have become the biggest producers and retailers of bicycles and other sporting goods worldwide. Decathlon has a wide variety of bikes for all types of bikers, and they offer multiple series of road and mountain bikes, even gravel, urban, kids, and hybrid cycling. BTWin, Rockrider, Riverside, and Triban have been the favorites of shoppers from the UAE, according to Azadea.

Its best-seller mountain bike, an entry-level bike perfect for beginners, is the Rockrider Mountain Bike ST 530, also known for its directional control with its lightweight frame built with 6061 aluminum, hydraulic disc brakes, 27.5-inch wheels with a single chain ring.

The only downside of this machine is that it is less comfortable on rides since it has no rear suspension, and this “semi-rigid” mountain bike may be a little less efficient on steering. 

It gives bikers quality brakes necessary for safety, traction, and responsive movement for a ride worth your hard-earned pennies. Even when this is considered a budget brand, Decathlon bikes never fall short of quality.

The Spartan Moraine MTB Alloy by Spartanbikes
image credit: spartanbicycles.com

The Spartan Moraine MTB Alloy by Spartanbikes (Intermediate)

Getting licenses from companies like Marvel, Disney, and Nickelodeon is not a joke. 

This means that Spartanbikes has a name in the MTB industry for its excellent products for cyclists of all ages, gender, and expertise. Spartan A-line mountain bikes are highly-efficient and systematically made light for challenging terrains. For example, the Spartan 27.5-inch Moraine Mountain Bike Alloy is a women’s bike built for comfort when on a single-track. Its capable geometry and reliable pieces assure the rider of speed and fun. 

Among its key features are its lightweight but sturdy body molded out of 6061 custom-butted aluminum frame, SR Sun tour XCT suspension fork at 100 millimeters, Shimano 3-by-7-speed drivetrain with Tourney, and EF41 grip shifters for easier grip.

Moreover, it is also equipped with Tektro M280 disc brakes that deliver superb stopping power in various environments. Additionally, its tires are 27.5 by 2.25-inches Solid CST Patrol that strikes an exquisite balance between clutch and speed, which makes this bike also apt for urban road cycling and is a fine choice for novice to intermediate cyclists.

Spark 910 by Scott
image credit: scott-sports.com

Spark 910 by Scott (Intermediate to Pro) 

Scott as a company did not start with the creation of bicycles. In fact, Ed Scott, an American revolutionary engineer and ski racer from Idaho, first influenced skiing as a sport by inventing the first tapered aluminum ski pole in 1958, when skiers used either bamboo or steel at the time.

They were also the first to introduce the aerodynamic handlebar, one of the most important product innovations in the history of cycling. Today, Scott supplies high-performing bikes for top-level riders who have won championship games for all levels worldwide.

Scott Spark 910 MTB’s key features are its top-of-the-line Spark Carbon High Module Frame (HMF) with integrated suspension technology and flex pivot due to its adjustable head angle. Its headset system is powered by Syncros with its Acros Angle adjust and cable routing HS system and Syncros Silverton 2.0 to 30 6-bolt tubeless-ready wheelset that measures 29 inches. 

Furthermore, this machine’s Shimano groupset and brake system make it more powerful for a comfortable and safe ride on tough terrains. Other popular bikes from Scott in the UAE are the Roxter 20-inch mountain bike Raw Alloy and the Scale 20-inch MTB Disc.

Another brand leader is the 2021 Aspect 970, a cross-country type hardtail bike with 29-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, and a mechanical disc brake. These are a popular choice for mid-range mountain bikers who look for decent high-caliber bikes that would carry them through whatever type of landscape with the reassurance of safety and success.

Trance Advance Pro 29 Series by Giant Bikes
image credit: giant-bicycles.com

Trance Advance Pro 29 Series by Giant Bikes (Beginner to Intermediate)

Trance Pro lineup was first introduced to the market by Giant in 2017. In 2021, the brand released a fully revamped carbon frame version that is more aggressive, has better geometry and has some sought-after internal storage in the frame for speed and efficiency when dealing with technical terrain. 

Here are five things you need to know about this bike are the following:

  • Rear-wheel travel is 120 millimeters.
  • Alterable geometry with a flip chip giving the head angle 65.5 degrees, and seat angle of 76.3 degrees in low settings for more confidence on the trail
  • Internal frame storage inside the down tube capable of storing repair tools
  • Reasonable price for first-class quality

The Trance Advanced Pro 29er’s frame is laid out of Advanced-grade composite on the front and rear triangles fitted with the latest Maestro twin-link suspension system. With its Shimano groupset, all other key components like shifters, front and rear derailleurs, and brake system are given much power, ready for tackling formidable terrain.

Giant was the first to create lighter and stronger aluminum frames, while everyone else used steel as the industry standard. This bike chain has been making a name in the industry as part of the best budget bikes. It also has received good feedback from its customers who buy all-mountain and hybrid bikes. 

For cycling enthusiasts, Live products meet the same standard of quality expected for the rest of the Giant bikes. Some experts even compare them to Trek and specialize in comfort, durability, and efficiency, but with a competitive price. They also have an all-women sub-brand called Liv Cycling, designed by and for women.

Zaskar LT  Elite Hardtail Bike by GT Bicycles
image credit: gtbicycles.com

Zaskar LT  Elite Hardtail Bike by GT Bicycles (Intermediate to Pro)

“Pure fun, plain and simple.” 

This has been its mission statement. This brand is a famous line of bikes that has existed in the industry for 40 years. It has safety aspects and is, therefore, reliable at all times. 

They build racing and freestyle bikes that are made to be tested on demanding trails and nerve-racking grounds. The 2020 Model GT Zaskar LT Elite Hardtail Bike is The King of Hardtails! This royalty of mountain bikes is perfect for trail centers, parks, and all-mountain explorations.

This bike has Zaskar LT Alloy triple triangle frameset contributing to much better vertical compliance. It also has Shimano MT410 disc brakes, SRAM SX Eagle groupset, and crankset supplying power to the chain, crank, shifters, rear derailleur, and RockShox 35 Silver R fork, tapered steerer, and other definitive components from GT.

J-Air SUOH Carbon MTB/Cross-country MTB by Java
image credit: uaecycle.com

J-Air SUOH Carbon MTB/Cross-country MTB by Java (Beginner to Intermediate)

Java is an Asian brand headquartered in Shenzhen (China). Their production of high-quality bikes is made possible by their strong collaboration with Albertdesign, an Italian design studio operated by innovators and communication experts. 

This gives its bikes more personality that does not compromise quality. They strive to be technologically advanced while maintaining comfort and sustaining fashion in their bikes at a price that’s quite reasonable. 

Java J-Air SUOH Carbon MTB is an absolutely impressive entry point to fast single-track biking and racing at a great cost. It is an efficient hardtail mountain bike with professional technology featuring the Shimano Deore M6000 groupsets. 

Its Java Vetta Carbon fiber UD frame cross-country geometry is light on 27.5-inches and 29-inches wheels. Other components include Shimano MT200 hydraulic brakes with a 160-millimeter rotor for safe stops. Even if Java is not listed as one of the recognized brands of mountain bikes in the world, it continues to produce bikes for riders who want a decent quality bike without paying that much.

Cyclone MTB by Pardus (Beginner to Intermediate)

Pardus is also a Chinese brand under Taishan Sports, and they are known to sports fans, especially in the UAE. 

Cyclone is the first MTB that Pardus produced in 2017. While some might call this an e-bike, this is a full-suspension bike that uses a scissor link full suspension system hidden inside a huge down tube for safety from kicked-up debris. Its parts are highly-advanced carbon fiber materials, making its machines sturdy but lightweight. 

According to Pardus, this full suspension system was designed by Steve Domahidy, co-founder of Niner Bikes and director of Carbon Development and Engineering at Argonaut Cycle, and currently a proprietor at Viral Bikes.

Their frames are UCI Approved, so every type of cyclist can trust its professionally fashioned build. It holds a shock and a massive bottom bracket which is pretty much something we would see on any mid-drive e-bike. The rear shock has 135 millimeters of travel, and its front is compatible with 140 to 150 millimeters of travel and currently features a RockShox Pike. 

Siskiu N by Polygon
image credit: polygonbikes.com

 Siskiu N by Polygon (Intermediate to Pro)

The world-renowned Indonesian manufacturer PT Insera Sena gives this bicycle’s trade name. They have been a trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for other international brands like Scott, Kona, Kuwahara, and even Mustang since 1999. 

The Siskiu N line is one of the enduro bikes created by Polygon to endure and provide a worry-free tackling of demanding mountains under any condition. This brand offers a full range of cycle categories and strives to combine sports and fashion. 

Siskiu’s ALX AM / Enduro frameset with 160 millimeters of travel for its 29er model and 170 millimeters for its 27.5-inch type makes the geometry professional looking. It helps in easy navigation of the bike on single tracks. Its fork range and rear shock are composed of Fox Performance groupsets, while the shifter, crankset, and cassette of 12-speed are all juiced up by Shimano XT and Shimano Deore XT for trouble-free cycling. The wheelset is Entity XL2 Disc 35-584 on its 27.5-inch model and 36-622 on the 29er. The brake set is also made by TRP Slate T4 piston for powerful stops.

Big Trail 500 by Merida
image credit: merida-bikes.com

Big Trail 500 by Merida (Intermediate to Pro)

This Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer has been in the industry for 50 years.

They have been producing top-notched bikes like the award-winning SCULTURA TEAM road bike, which topped the competition in aerodynamics and ergonomics with its one-piece cockpit. But I am highlighting the Big Trail 500 model for this article.

This hardtail mountain bike has been capturing the tough hearts of mountain bikers worldwide. The Big Trail TFS frame is available in small to double-extra large sizes and is powered by a RockShox Recon Silver RL fork that gives 120 to 140-millimeter travel. 

The bike is built around a 1-by Shimano Deore M1500 drivetrain, with Merida Comp TR 29 millimeter rims rigged with aluminum and tubeless-ready. The front and rear tires are Maxxis Dissector 29-inches TR EXO Dual model.

 Nomad 6 by Santa Cruz
image credit: santacruzbicycles.com

 Nomad 6 by Santa Cruz (Pro)

Santa Cruz has been a dominant name in the bike industry since its inception in 1994. It was made known by its brave rebel founder, the legendary skateboarder Rob Roskopp who broke into the biking scene by implementing full-suspension and making do-it-all bikes. 

Nowadays, they manufacture varieties of high-performing bicycles that are pieced from either carbon fiber or aluminum. Nomad Generation 6 has 10 build options in five frame sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL). 

The frame materials are varieties of CC Carbon. Each has a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear, both with 170 millimeters of travel. It also uses the brand Glovebox internal storage, with two inner bags, a tube purse, and a tool wallet to keep everything organized. 

They utilize the advanced VPP or Virtual Pivot Point technology on all of their full-suspension Nomad 6 builds, and they have lowered the anti-squat for more pedaling efficiency.

Still, they are made to minimize stiffness on rocks, roots, and other obstacles on the trail. What makes this brand expensive is the fact that each bike is hand-assembled to ensure the best quality. 

Their engineers also started Reserve Carbon Wheels in 2014 with the motivation of “making the most durable strength-to-weight composite wheels” for their bikes. Their sister brand Juliana is also the “original women’s mountain bike” that produces a full range of high-end women’s bikes.

 Lux CF SL 8.0 by Canyon
image credit: canyon.com

 Lux CF SL 8.0 by Canyon (Intermediate)

The Canyon is a world-leading manufacturer of multiple types of mechanical and electric bikes. It was born in the university town of 100,000 residents in Koblenz, Germany. 

Unlike many other brands, Canyon does not have many partner distributors. Instead, they do direct selling, which may mean less cost than those who do channel selling. 

Lux CF SL 8.0 is a flagship model in the Lux CF SL range. This mountain bike has 29er front and rear wheels constructed of ultra-light Reynolds carbon, an SRAM Eagle drivetrain, SRAM Level disc brakes, RockShox suspension with 120 millimeters of travel, and a dropper post. 

This 11.40-kilogram powerhouse bike is constructed of Carbon with 100 millimeters of travel. The brakes are made up of the SRAM Level TLM group set. With all other components on this Lux CF SL 8.0, one can worry-free tackle any stresses on the mountains. 

 AMS One11 TM29 by Cube
image credit: cube.eu

 AMS One11 TM29 by Cube (Intermediate to Pro)

“Ain’t no mountain steep enough” is this company’s battle cry. On each of their full suspension bikes, they offer speed, comfort, and control. 

This German company designs and fabricates its machines with utmost attention to safety and durability, as is the hallmark of any quality German artistry. Although the parts are manufactured in Taiwan, the bikes are carefully and meticulously assembled in Germany. 

Their new releases are confected of aluminum frames to save extra weight. Their propriety Advanced Mechanical Forming process allows them to twist tube characteristics sparing everyone from long and complex welding essentials. 

The Cube AMS One11 is a lightweight trail bike made with slender tube profiles and an accurate design, which resulted in the creation of a frame that weighs only 1600 grams. The frame is cast from the C:68X  carbon layup, Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology. 

The fork is adjustable Fox 34 SC Float factory in 15 by 110 millimeters of travel on the front wheel and 120 millimeters on the rear. With its hyper-responsive frame, this build will make an experienced biker dissect even the most tricky sections of a trail without breaking a sweat.

Stumpjumper Evo Pro by Specialized
image credit: specialized.com

Stumpjumper Evo Pro by Specialized (Pro)

When comparing another brand with Trek, Specialized will never be left unmentioned as they have been rivals in the industry for quite some time. 

Specialized is one of the biggest bike producers on the globe, and they are owned by one of the founders of mountain biking, Mike Sinyard. Just like many other brands, Specialized makes parts. They use 3D printing technology to create components that fit their bikes. This has become the most popular label at the Pro’s Closet

The Stumpjumper Evo Pro has become a giant in the mountain bike world in 2022. Built with Fox Factory suspension system (150-millimeter rear, 160-millimeter front), with features like one by 12 drivetrain, SRAM Code brakes, FACT 11 Carbon frame keeping the internal cables, adjustable frame measurements, and an optional link to correct suspension and S-Sizing geometry while running a 27.5-inch rear wheel. Its rims and handlebar are also carbon-made. With all these cutting-edge technologies, this machine is fully-capable of bringing a mountain biker through uphill, downhill, and technical trails feeling safe and satisfied.

 Alpine Trail Carbon 2 by Marin
image credit: marinbikes.ae

 Alpine Trail Carbon 2 by Marin

Marin boasts its Multitrac suspension system on its current models. They say the kinematics behind them is simple. There should be a balance of small bump compliance and pedal efficiency to get the best suspension, then maintain good midstroke support and top-of-the-line bottom-out control. 

This technology gives the rider the best balance between efficiency and control possible. The Alpine Trail Carbon 2 bikes are 29-inch wheels with 160-millimeter travel on the front and 150 millimeters on the rear. They are full-suspension bikes for enduro riders that enjoy ripping descents. 

It uses a sturdy Unidirectional Carbon Fiber frame with an aluminum rear triangle, Fox 38 Performance Elite/DPX2 Performance EVOL suspension, Shimano SLX/XT drivetrain & FSA Gradient crankset, Shimano SLX 4-piston brakes, and Shimano HB-MT510B rear hub. It also uses Fox Float DPX2 rear shock and Shimano SLX groupsets, making it a powerful machine that can easily tackle testing trails.

Rule by Sunpeed
image credit: sunspeed.com

Rule by Sunpeed (Beginner to Intermediate)

Sunpeed was born in 2012 in Shenzhen, China. Since then, it has been making a name in the biking industry because of its affordable high-end bikes. 

Its famous product is the Sunpeed Rule 2021 model, an Agressive Frame geometry with a less complicated one-by-nine-speed setup. Its frame is made of T-6061 Aluminum with a Sunpeed Air fork (120-millimeter travel) for its 29-inch and 27.5-inch wheels connected to the aluminum material’s front and rear hubs Solon DH801F M9, and the tires from Chaoyang H5161 30TPI. 

This mountain bike may not be at the higher end of the spectrum, but its durability and reliability, especially for novice bikers, are worth its cost. Its crankset is the Prowheel Zephyr 36T with Sugek Hg5009 compatible with the 9-speed Shimano Altus M2000 shifter. The brake system, including the lever, is also the Shimano MT-200 Hydraulic set.

Bighorn 29 1.3 by Fuji
image credit: fujibikes.com

 Bighorn 29 1.3 by Fuji (Beginner to Intermediate)

Fuji bikes have been around for 122 years. They named the company after the majestic Mt. Fuji in Japan, where this brand was founded. 

Several decades later, this is now owned and distributed by Advanced Sports International, based in the US. The company has sponsored many athletes that brought its name to the pinnacle of success in the biking industry. 

While its name is anchored to the road and rice bikes, they now have mountain bikes that we can trust. The featured bike for this brand is the Bighorn 29 1.3 model, which has five size choices. The frame is very light with A6-SL super-butted alloy and smooth welds, which can be boosted up to 148 by 12 millimeters. 

On the other hand, the wheelset comprises the WTB i30 TC 2.0 on the 27.5-inch wheel plus 32-hole rims, DC-711 front hub, and DC-3248 rear hub with DT Swiss Industry spokes. The tires are a Maxxis Minion DHF tread design that balances rolling speed with braking and dominating traction. This bike is equipped to cover obstacles easily, and the RockShox suspension fork and disc brakes allow confidence in descending and braking.

Speedfox AL TWO by BMC
image credit: 99spokes.com

Speedfox AL TWO by BMC (Pro)

This Switzerland-based company has spent decades innovating and creating masterpieces for sport and leisure. Ever focusing on speed, this team of experts has pushed boundaries to innovate machines that make speed at every opportunity. 

BMC bikes are not necessarily affordable, but ultimately, they will give you the best experience on the track. The Speedfox AL TWO is balanced between being lightweight, stiff, and strong. This hardtail suspension model has 29-inch wheels with an X-Fusion fork and rear shock, Shimano FC chain wheel, the Shimano Deore 12-speed chain wheel, cassette, chains, and rear derailleur with the Shimano BR-MT200 on the brakes. 

It weighs 13.2 kilograms with its aluminum frame and provides safe braking with its hydraulic brakes. The frame is from Premium Aluminum with an APS Suspension system with 120 miles of travel, internal cable routing, BSA threaded bottom bracket, a post mount disc, and a 12 by 148 millimeters boost thru-axle. 

Zero Mountain Bike Cross Country Cycles
image credit: uaecycle.com

 Zero Mountain Bike Cross Country Cycles 27s by Upten (Beginner to Intermediate)

This mountain bike has 24 speeds with 27.5-inches and 29-inches tire options. The frame is an aluminum alloy frame that is relatively light, and it has a lockout fork with a 99-millimeter quick-release retaining system at the front wheel. 

Its tires can smooth trails as they are made of CST Chaoyang, and the shifters are the Sensah M90 27s. Its front derailleur is the Shimano TY300 and the Shimano Altus RD-M370 9s at the rear. Because of this and other good reasons, particularly on the components, most cyclists from UAE gave this 2021 model good reviews on Amazon AE.

Other bike brands available in the UAE market but did not make this list are VLRA and VLRA-Land rover, Whyte, and Coolbaby. It is most likely that the mountain biker citizens in the UAE  are really practical as they ride on mountain bikes that have high performance on any terrain but will not injure their pockets.


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